functional display FA-001


Actually orders are only possible via Email. The start of regular selling by will be announced in the Newsletter.

weight: 0,75 kg
packing: 1100 x 780 x  14 mm

parts: 1
material: heavy corrugated cardboard (remark recommended)
assembly time: ca. 1 min

height: 1300 mm
width: 550 mm
thick: 230 mm

The display consists of a single plate heavy corrugated cardboard, which is mounted by loosening the components of the stand. The parts cannot be attached again.

additional features

  • set-up horizontally or vertically
  • weightable for safer stand
  • useable as pinboard
  • hooks for clothing
  • tray within the stand
  • reparability through interchangeability of parts/modules


  • guidance system
  • display of menu/activitys/etc.
  • display for education and operation rooms
  • screen for view-protection/hygiene
  • wardrobe
  • hanger of large garbage bags
  • ...

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