unkompliziert einrichten und nachhaltiger leben für alle

AidBoards products can also help in emergencies on a small scale. The cheap entry into the first living community, privately quickly creating space for refugees or equip the local community center space-savingly for the next workshops are some well-known application examples. AidBoards offer the following advantages:

highest functionality at the lowest cost

room-setup sets deliver the essentials in a post-package without costly search and pick-up

lightweight and robust products also facilitate the following removals

compared to conventional furniture by at least 10 % cheaper and 50 % reduced environmental costs (C02 footprint, KEA, water consumption,...)

Repair or customisation with knife and scissors instead of jigsaw and vacuum cleaner

no outgassing of air pollutants such as chipboard, etc.

easy disposal in waste paper container instead of complex bulky waste operation

full-fledged room setup with sets for individual needs or group orders in a larger community

production in Germany with short distances and under transparent conditions

fit for recycling, from the outset with high recycled content and from renewable raw materials without plastic content

living climate protection without additional costs with the support of a humanitarian company