functional equipment and efficient procurement for humanitarian aid

AidBoards products are designed for and with relief organisations in various areas. During the university development, a number of significant events such as refugee movements, pandemics and interrupted supply chains were accompanied. Users have benefited from the following advantages:

flexible production in the EU without long delivery times and routes, without critical bottlenecks due to supply chains or demand

procurement of entire accomodation packages from one source istead from single products of various origins

„grüne Beschaffung“ durch im Vergleich zu herkömmlichem Feldmobiliar min. 90% weniger Umweltemission

optimal logistics and storage thanks to EURO pallet format and stackability, without cargo boxes or similar

equipment developed jointly for humanitarian deployment scenarios replaced makeshift solutions from camping needs

no misuse of parts in conflict situations, e.g. for folding field beds

users can change worn parts or repair with low effort

soft material keeps sensitive floorings e. g. in gyms intact

fast and environmentally friendly post-processing with waste paper disposal replaces lengthy and complex scrap disposal

more effective missions and public relations thanks to optimised cost-benefit ratio and pleasant appearance