technical development and economic implementation – the difficult path to simple innovation


In 2014, with the beginning of the Ebola epidemic, the idea of developing a disposable field bed for epidemic disasters arose at TU Dresden. At the Chair of Wood Technology, research began to process industrial scraps from wood-based panels to plug-in kits. The cooperation with humanitarian workers quickly showed that the concept also makes sense beyond epidemics and field beds. As a substitute for the originally planned upcycling, mass-suitable material concepts were investigated and designs were developed. The “refugee crisis” aroused the public interest in the idea and is still on the net today.


In 2018, the disposable field bed is finished as a prototype made of heavy corrugated cardboard with textile covering and will be tested on a small scale. However, it turned out that an important link is missing for the practical application: Between the manufacturing packaging industry and the implementing aid organisations. The research partners decided to start a startup to close this gap. The challenges were great and led to several attempts, including the foundation of corrugAid GmbH or DIN SPEC 19305. Discussions were held with investors, team members were sought and constantly developed.


In 2022, thanks to a startup support, a broad-based market test could be carried out. The experience gained showed that a classic startup in the particular environment is not practicable. Today, AidBoards takes advantage of the experiences of the founding period and can draw on the network of the research phase. Without being dependent on investor interests or reliant on public funding.

We look forward to see where the path will lead next. And hope that many will continue to walk with us, as customer or partner.

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