remark for products made of heavy corrugated cardboard

Biodegradable material: Heavy duty corrugated cardboard therefore tends to absorb water. Short-term local waterlogging can be removed or dried. However, during persistently high or lower humidity, the material loses stability: The highest load capacity is achieved under normal conditions (50 % relative humidity). With a humidity of 90 %, it is assumed that the load capacity is halved in the most unfavourable case. On request, wet-insensitive materials can be used, but at the expense of the use of renewable raw materials.

Natural product with high recycled content: Therefore, fluctuations in the technical and optical properties of the papers used cannot be avoided. The paper surface quickly darkens under daylight. This process is completed after a few days and has no effect on the load-bearing capacity. However, as with plastics, the continued storage under strong direct sunlight is harmful.

Industrial quality: The way of processing and construction causes flaws of beauty such as one-sided cracks or similar. These have no significant effect on the function and therefore do not constitute a product deficiency. They are usually no longer visible in the built-up state.

Innovation: The use of heavy corrugated cardboard outside industrial packaging is relatively new. Due to incomplete legal and normative regulations, all products are therefore labeled as “test products”. In general, there is a continuous further development of details to improve production, use and disposal. Therefore there may be minor differences to the products shown at the website.